How bitter can be better for your health

Activate your digestive juices and show your liver some love.

In terms of natural plant remedies there are two distinct actions our digestive system benefits from. Firstly, bitters before meals help to stimulate the digestive juices, enhance the breakdown of nutrients, increase the motility of the passage of food to avoid a delayed emptying of the stomach and constipation. They are also called for after eating rich foods, overeating or to get rid of a hangover. Bitters are herbs or vegetables that have a bitter taste and increase the power of the upper digestive system by activating the gastrointestinal hormone gastrin which in turn activates the digestive juices in the stomach, liver (bile) and pancreas.

Bitters also help support the liver and gallbladder and have been scientifically shown to support food allergies, anemia, malabsorption and osteoporosis, and diabetes (by supporting stable blood sugar levels) and the immune system. Bitters are also used to support lifting of tiredness and exhaustion, listlessness in the elderly, and as an anti-inflammatory.

One of the easiest ways to activate your digestive juices is to take a tea remedy with bitter herbs 10–15 minutes before meals, and this is when we recommend you take artemis Liver Detox organic tea formula.

With globe artichoke, St. Mary’s thistle, dandelion leaf and root, and peppermint, you’ll reap the benefits of synergistically improving digestion and detoxing your liver at the same time.  A powerful, organic loose herb formula with 1000mg of active ingredients in each dose,  you can really taste and feel the power of the plants as they support your detox functions. 

But what about that taste?

When you first start taking Liver Detox, it has a distinctive taste.

If you find the herbs very bitter then this is a sign that you really need them. As your liver and digestion improve you will experience them as less bitter and more pleasant.

To feel better for the bitters and show your liver some love,  it is recommended that you take Liver Detox up to three times a day.  For optimal ongoing self-care, take one cup of Liver Detox before breakfast and take companion product, Kidney Cleanse, later during the morning. 

It’s an easy and effective way to form good new health habits and get your daily double dose of wellness.


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