The beginning

Artemis  is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated business, founded in 1998, but with roots that extend deep into the long tradition of using the power of nature for healing and health care.  We are a leading expert in plant remedies which combine traditional formulations with the validation of modern scientific evidence. 

The history of using plants for health – referred to as plant or herbal medicine - goes back many thousands of years. And today, plant based medicines are widely used around the world as part of primary and preventative healthcare. 

Harvesting wisdom

A country where plant medicine has always been fully integrated into the official medical system, and readily accepted as the basis of modern medicine, is Switzerland. This is where Artemis founder, Dr Sandra Clair (PhD Health Sciences), grew up, spending her childhood at the foothills of the Swiss Alps, a living, breathing, natural pharmacy. 

In parallel to her academic studies she undertook a traditional apprenticeship with Franciscan nun, midwife and medical herbalist, Sister Pauline, who connected her with the Materia Medica, a 500-year-old  pharmacopeia of Traditional European Medicine. Through this apprenticeship, and further formal study, Sandra learned about the unique properties of plants, their active ingredients and techniques for harvesting and preparation of herbal remedies. 


new zealand

Establishing New Zealand roots

When she left Europe in 1995 to travel, Sandra brought her expertise and a vision for helping people to be healthier to New Zealand.

Settling on the Otago Peninsula, Sandra opened a practice in Dunedin and was surprised to find that high quality plant remedies were not widely available, but she was delighted to discover the quality and potency of plants growing naturally in the wild alpine environments of Central Otago.  

Sandra quickly gained a loyal following as a practitioner. To cope with the growing demand for her products, in 1998 she founded Artemis, borrowing the name  from the Greek goddess of the wilderness, protector of women and children. 

Thriving at home and overseas

Artemis products were soon stocked in health stores and pharmacies.  

In 2012, Artemis was the winner of the Deloitte Fast 50 Award for the “Fastest Growing Manufacturer in Otago and the Lower South Island”, and the same year awarded for ethical and environmentally responsible business practices in the Westpac OBIZ Ethics awards.

In 2015 Artemis was named one of the top 10 New Zealand businesses in the Westpac Business Growth Awards. 

Entering the China market in 2018, Artemis exported products based primarily on Central Otago Thyme. Export sales continue to grow, due to the quality of the products and the understanding and appreciation of traditional medicine among Chinese audiences. 

Otago region: A special relationship

Artemis continues to foster strong relationships in the Otago region with an operational hub in the city of Dunedin and partnerships with landowners, growers, producers and the Department of Conservation. This is where the Artemis team harvests key plant ingredients such as Central Otago Thyme, California Poppy and St John's wort each year. 

To be continued

We are excited about the next chapter for Artemis. As more people in New Zealand, and globally, seek out natural solutions for their  health and wellbeing, at Artemis we stay true our roots. To continuing a tradition of powerful plant formulations that are proven by tradition, backed by science.


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