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De-Stress Spray - Rapid calm remedy
Pack a punch against chronic stress with fast acting spray.
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Introducing Digestive Ease, a High Strength Plant Formula
Soothe and support your digestive system with our latest high strength formulation.
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Boost Your Immunity - keep your immune system fighting fit

These are extraordinary times and whilst none of us can predict the events of the future, what we can do is to prepare ourselves by building immune strength and resilience.

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Detox for life, not just for New Year
Busting the myth of the quick fix detox.
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Your Natural Defence

A Herbal First Aid Kit for Summer

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Plants, our living pharmacy
How expert medical herbalists are using plant remedies to help to us improve our self-care.
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Happy Hormones. A balancing act for healthy menstrual cycles and fertility
Many women fee challenged by the burden of their menstrual cycle.  Fertility challenges are also at an all-time high. Fortunately, nature provides an abundance of plants to support women’s reproductive health and healthy hormonal balance.
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Rest assured. Don't just muddle through, get a good night's sleep
There’s many reasons for not getting enough sleep. Exercise, diet and lifestyle habits can all play a part in improving the situation, and natural plant remedies are available to support you too.
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Stress: Expert advice on what it is and how to cope

Almost 1 in 3 people in New Zealand say they have had personal experience of mental distress, with much of this being attributed to feeling overwhelmed by stress and not able to cope.

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