Regular name

Latin name

History & Origin

How long has this herb been used? Which countries? Where is it grown today? (max 25 words e.g. Milk thistle has been in continuous use for more than 1000 years across Europe and and grows best in the cooler regions of northern Europe)

What is it used for?

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Our formula

The standards that Artemis has for herb e.g. fresh plant, organic, the places we source from, what to look for when comparing products etc. We can also use this section to emphasise that there is a lot of modern scientific study with regards to the plant and contact us for more information? (Max 75 words)


Digestive Tea


Settles digestion and stomach Supports proper digestion of food Neutralises over acidity naturally Suitable for adults and children Healthy digestion is the foundation of good health. How well we digest our food and abso ...

Breastfeeding Tea

Supports optimal milk quality and supplySupports healthy digestion for mother and baby Supports uterine recovery after birth Breastfeeding can be a challenging time, particularly in the first few weeks. This traditional ...


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