Our ThymeMed™ Respiratory and Immunity Range

We have recently relaunched and expanded our Respiratory & Immunity range of products which includes ThymeMed™, our exclusive fresh-plant extract made from wild-harvested Central Otago Thyme.    

So why Thyme you might ask? It’s a respiratory health power plant. And we have the research to back it up.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) has been used for respiratory and immunity health care for centuries and continues to be widely used today. International health care regulators recognise the clinical benefits of thyme and there are many international scientific studies on the properties of thyme – for its antimicrobial and antioxidant actions amongst others.

Thyme that is grown, harvested and formulated to the highest health standards, is high in active compounds that support the body’s immune system when it is under attack, and support a relaxed chest and lungs, supporting airways and helping to relax breathing.

New Zealand is one of only two countries outside of Europe where Thymus vulgaris grows wild, and it is only found in the harsh alpine environment of Central Otago.  The thyme, brought by European miners during the Gold Rush of the 1860s, thrives in the extreme climate and demanding soil, growing into strong plants with very high levels of active volatiles.


Each year the artemis team harvests the thyme by hand during a very short window of just a few weeks, with the timing governed by nature, when the steep hillsides are a spectacular sight of rich purple and green.  To ensure maximum efficacy, the harvest has to coincide with the plants producing the highest quantity of active volatives.  As an organisation committed to guardianship – kaitiakitanga – of health and the land, artemis harvests in a sustainable way to ensure the thyme continues to flourish.

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