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The fourth trimester, while it may sound a bit odd, focuses on the three months after your child is born and it just as important as the months spent in the womb.

During this time, your baby is refining and maturing all their senses, growing more brain cells, developing neural pathways and the nervous system, learning to control reflexes and responding to the environment. Researchers suggest that human babies could really do with another three months gestation but that would make natural childbirth very difficult!

While it is a very exciting time and your baby undergoes a number of changes, so too does the mother; your body will need time to recover and you will need lots of nourishing vitamins and minerals to help with the healing process.

This is where plant remedies can be of assistance. Totally natural and suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding, the phytochemicals work with the body and have a compounding effect, meaning over time they help to strengthen systems and processes within the body.

At the ready to help nourish and soothe mum and baby, artemis Breastfeeding Tea provides natural, organic, powerful plant-based support for the production of quality breast milk. 

Tea remedies are an easy way to absorb valuable nutrients quickly, and also contribute to your daily water intake, keeping you well hydrated while supporting your milk supply and health.

The superstar plants in our blend are:

  • Fennel, widely used in traditional herbal remedies to support the supply and quality of breastmilk production. The added benefit from fennel is, via your milk, that your baby gets special volatile oils that help relax the digestive tract and reduce wind.
  • Chamomile is the quintessential new motherhood herb and known to be calming.  It helps soothe the after-effects of birth and support mum and baby’s nervous and digestive systems.
  • Aniseed is a galactagogue which means it supports the normal flow of breastmilk. It also helps to reduce baby’s wind, which will help soothe and settle baby’s tummy.
  • Nettle is another support to milk production and the nutritious quality of breastmilk. It contains essential minerals, vitamins and enzymes to help your body strengthen after birth, and to form new blood cells to recover from blood loss.
  • Raspberry leaf supports milk production. It also helps strengthen pelvic tissue and supports the recovery of strained pelvic floor muscles.

Sometimes it is not milk supply that can make breastfeeding difficult but sore, cracked nipples or trouble latching. Midwives and lactation consultants are your go-to experts and will be there to support you with proven techniques.

You could also try artemis Nerve and Skin Rescue Oil, containing fresh plant extract of New Zealand wild-grown St John’s wort extracted in an organic oil base. St John’s wort is scientifically researched and shown to support skin healing and preserve skin integrity.

Containing 100% natural, organic, non-GMO plant ingredients, Artemis products are suitable to be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding, giving you peace of mind that you are nourishing your body, and your baby’s body, without any nasties. 

Correctly formulated plant remedies are suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as young children, that is well tolerated with minimal side effects.

Natural treatments with high-quality medicinal herbs such as teas are traditionally a top choice in the treatment for adults and children in European countries where plant remedies are part of the mainstream health system. Plant-based health support has been effective for generations, is proven by history and increasingly supported by science.

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