Californian Poppy

Californian Poppy


Californian Poppy

Eschscholzia californica

History & Origin

This gorgeous orange flower is native to North America but now grows in many parts of the world, including the hills of Central Otago where it flourishes alongside other helpful herbs such as White Horehound and Thyme.

What is it used for?


Californian poppy relaxes the nervous system and supports sleep by reducing restlessness and stress.  It can also help to relax the airways. This makes it a helpful remedy to soothe a tight chest, especially at night time. 


When used appropriately, Californian poppy has an excellent safety profile and has been used for all ages, including children.  

Artemis products containing Californian poppy use doses which have no documented herb-drug interactions or restrictions on long-term use

Our formula

The quality of your plants matter. High quality plants = better effect in the body. 

artemis sources fresh, medicinal grade Californian poppy extract for our oral liquids.

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