Kids Health: Planning with plants for a winter of wellness

Winter ills and chills are part of growing up. No one escapes the occasional bout, and it is actually  part of how our immune systems build up.

Kids in particular are vulnerable to respiratory ills. They haven’t been exposed to as much as adults have over the years, and they have less awareness around things like personal space and hand hygiene. But their immune systems are not the same as an adult and so they require specific care to support their health and for when they do succumb. 

The basics go a long way with kids – sleep, good nutrition with lots of colourful fruits and veggies, playing outside and exploring, as well as teaching proper hand washing are all super important.  

And all-natural plant remedies can be an extension of your winter wellness plan. 

Plants are complex, containing many different phytochemicals (plant chemicals), that act in a holistic way. They can support a rapid immune response to a threat, while helping to build resilience and integrity in the body to support long term immune strength.

There are a lot of products for kids on the market – here’s what to look for to make sure that what you are getting is both effective and truly natural:

  • Formulated specifically for young children, not adults 
  • Formulated by a registered Medical Herbalist (NZAMH or NMHNZ*) -  this demonstrates in depth knowledge of using plants for health
  • Fresh plant extracts - high levels of active ingredients that remain in their natural state for optimal absorption and aren’t highly processed
  • No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners, no honey (for children under 1 year)
  • The dose is correct for children  -  small, frequent doses are recommended for young children 
  • It tastes good! For a remedy to work, your little one has to take it.

artemis Kids ViroGoneTM and Kids ViroGoneTM Spray contain plants which have been shown to support kids’ immune systems and help them fight off ills and chills. 

Kids ViroGoneTM contains Echinacea - one of the most important plants for supporting the immune system when it is under attack. Echinacea has centuries of traditional use in children, as well as clinical research that supports its use.

Kids ChestRelief Day and Night support your little ones when they need relief in their chest.  Kids ChestRelief helps to relax and soothe a tight chest, as well as clear mucus from the airways. 

Kids ChestRelief Night has the added benefit of Californian Poppy, which is an amazing plant for helping with rest and sleep, as well as helping to relax the airways.  If you have ever been up most of the night with your child, you know how much harder it is for them to get well when they haven’t had a proper night’s sleep. And how much harder it is for you to parent a poorly child when you are exhausted too. 

Stay well this winter with artemis, natural products that support wellbeing for people, and planet. 

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